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painted ceramic tiles and sinks
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Based in Marquette Michigan, Tile Image is a family owned business created in 1999 by artist Jan Edwards.

Throughout the years we have been providing service for both individuals and businesses. We strive to ensure product quality, durability and usefulness.

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About The Artist - JAN EDWARDS

Since early childhood, I have been inspired by the visual world. The study of light, color, pattern, and visual expression has charted my life long endearment to art. My accomplishments include china painting, drawing, oils, and a foremost love of watercolor.

Highly recognized for my work with floral still life, I endeavor to share my experience with others through exhibits, workshops, and personal contact. Feel free to contact me via email or telephone 906-249-1939. I will love to chat or address any questions you might have. My credentials include graduation from Northern Michigan University, cum laude, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting.

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